Bucket List


Yesterday was my 8-month Korea teaching contract anniversary; I’m two-thirds of the way through it and with just four months to go and plently still to see here I thought it would be a good idea to write a bucket list of sorts. I’ll include things I’ve already done, as the memories of them will bring a great big cheesy grin to my face as I write. If anyone can think of any more that would be fantastic!

Korean Language

  • Learn to read and write Hangeul (x)
  • Hold a conversation with a stranger entirely in Korean
  • Order takeaway over the phone without using English

Korean Festivals (I won’t include those I’ve missed and now can never get to)

  • Jinju Lantern Festival (x)
  • Busan Fireworks Festival (x)
  • Ulsan Whale Festival (x)
  • Boryeong Mud Festival
  • Gangneung Danoje Festival

In Ulsan

  • Hike a mountain (x)
  • Hike Mt. Gaji, Ulsan’s highest peak
  • Daewangnam Park (x)
  • See Bangudae petroglyphs (x)
  • Watch the Ulsan Tigers football team (x)
  • See Paraseo waterfall
  • Night view of the city from Mt. Muryeong
  • Penis cafe!
  • DVD bang (x)
  • Cat cafe (x)
  • Board game bang
  • Join a football team (x)
  • Visit a jjimjilbang (sauna/spa)
  • Camp at Jinha beach
  • Camp up a mountain (x)


  • Everland amusement park
  • DMZ
  • See Nanta (x)
  • Bargain hunt at Namdaemun market (x)
  • Have a night out in Seoul (x)
  • Swim in the West and the East Sea
  • Hike Mt. Halla, Korea’s highest peak
  • See a Korean wedding
  • See a Korean funeral (x)
  • Ride the KTX (x)
  • Sit on a heated toilet seat (x)
  • Go to Jeju in warmer weather
  • Camp at Deokjeokdo/Muuido
  • Cook a decent samgyetang (x), dak galbi (x), bibimbap, jjigae
  • Do a temple stay
  • Find and stay in a love motel with a heart-shaped/circular bed and/or jacuzzi
  • Spend a weekend at the beach in Busan (x)
  • Make ridiculous, unnecessary, over-the-top bulk purchases of substandard Western food at Costco (x)
  • Wear a traditional hanbok
  • Learn all the words to a K-Pop song
  • Go to a K-Pop concert

Food/drink to try

  • Kimchi (xxx)
  • Kimbap (x)
  • Tteokbokki (rice cakes in spicy sauce) (x)
  • Baked egg (x)
  • Korean porridge
  • Korean-style raw fish (x)
  • Sannakji (raw octopus) (x)
  • Eel
  • Jellyfish (x)
  • Beondegi (silkworm lavae) (x)
  • Whale (x)
  • Dog (don’t think I could actually do this)
  • Chicken feet (x)
  • Pigs’ feet
  • Acorn jelly (x)
  • Spam stew (x)
  • Makgeolli (x)
  • Soju (x)
  • Ginseng tea (x)

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