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This week’s teaching schedule (for anyone with a horrible busy week look away now):

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Korean Haircut

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Korean Haircut , posted with vodpod

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Stories from School


Today marks the end of my second month in Korea. Here are a few short stories about my time here so far, that I haven’t been able to fit into other blogs: Read the rest of this entry »

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Jinju Lantern Festival


Last time, I mentioned Eliz and I had been to Jinju’s annual Lantern Festival. Whenever I tell someone this, the general response is: ‘Oh right, cool’. Then a pause. ‘What’s a lantern festival?’. Before we left, I didn’t have much of an idea either, but I’ve since done some research, and says this: ‘the tradition of floating lanterns on Namgang River in Jinju City dates back to the 1592 Japanese invasion of Korea. In October 1592, during a battle between Japanese and Korean soldiers around Jinju Fortress, Jinju people flew lanterns high up in the sky as a military signal and communication tool with soldiers outside the fortress, while floating lanterns and torches along Namgang River’. But, like I say, neither Elizabeth nor I knew any of this, and so we hopped on a coach at lunchtime two Sundays ago, not knowing what to expect. You never know what to expect in Korea. Read the rest of this entry »

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Bits n Bobs


The principal played volleyball with us yesterday. The atmosphere he brought to the court was a strange one – not knowing whether to laugh or cry (secretly of course) whenever the ball ricocheted off him far, far away from where it should have gone was mixed with a definite sense of impending disaster. Read the rest of this entry »

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